Vogue realises latest outfit for cycling


Now that spring is well underway, what better way to spend an afternoon than with a bike ride? I’ve found my daily Citi Bike rides around NYC to not only be therapeutic, but also a great way to experience the city that I miss seeing in full bustle. I put on my best cycling clothing and ride by my favorite parks, restaurants, and museums, blissfully imagining the day I might be able to visit them again.

I’ve fallen in love with this ritual so much that I am seriously considering a major bike purchase—something I never would have imagined pre-quarantine. However, if I am going to make a big investment, it might as well be something useful. And in my research I’ve found that practicality and beauty are not mutually exclusive in the world of cycling. While the bike itself is currently my main temptation, putting on a cute outfit for the occasion is, of course, still a priority.

Below, find the best cycling clothing for every type of bike ride, no matter where your home base may be.

City Slicker
I know it is not advisable to ride in anything open-toe, but I think I would make an exception for these lace-up Isabel Marant sandals—they seem secure enough. I love the idea of pairing them with my Jonathan Cohen button-down (purchased via the Vogue x Amazon Fashion storefront, of course), classic bike shorts, and a belt bag for a city-approved look. Plus, I can’t resist the timelessness of this gorgeous Shinola bike.