New Samsung has artificial sun, overtakes iPhone – South Kor


South Korean tech giant Samsung has been investing heavily in some of the out-of-the-box ideas and innovations.

The company has recently announced support to five startups that were created at C-Lab Inside, Samsung’s in-house incubation programme.

One of these innovations is an artificial window lighting, also known as SunnyFive. The window-shaped light produces artificial sunlight. The lighting is similar to the one produced by the sun during the day.

The light therapy lamps will be useful for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It will emit same amount of artificial sunlight throughout the year, taking away all the seasonal blues.

According to Samsung, this artificial light source will help users in synthesizing vitamin D while they are unable to step out for the natural source of the vitamin. It emits the full spectrum of sunlight and is completely harmless to the skin, with no fear skin aging or sunburn.

More interestingly, the users can also make brightness and color adjustment via the app. It will be integrated with Samsung’s smart home ecosystem, SmartThings. One can also change the angle of the light to mimic the original shadows created by the sun.

The company or the C-Labs has not shared any further information about the artificial light windows, including its pricing or dates of availability. While we wait for the official announcement, it is clear that the new innovation is likely to make its way to the markets soon.